Annie Bellamy
Tensions: home vs. institution

Annie Bellamy is a second-year doctoral candidate at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. Following the death of her Mother at an in-patient hospice, her PhD thesis tentatively titled “Designing Dying Well: Toward a new architectural approach to the design of in-patient palliative care environment” explores concepts of dwelling and dignity in the human experience of environmental architectures that offer care at the end of life. Her thesis occupies a space between research and practice that is less explored in architectural studies. Drawing on her experiences as both ‘insider’ (from personal experience) and ‘outsider’ (as a design professional) she is exploring the experiential implications of institutional policies and standards of space. The drawings exhibited are part of a series of auto-ethnographic sketches drawn from memory used to illustrate the story of her time as an ‘insider’ when her Mother was receiving end of life care. These sketches are not traditional architectural drawings, drawn orthographically and to scale, but rather focus on the memory and experience of place. By giving these drawings equal evidential value to traditional architectural research methods, she is working towards developing a translation between the needs of ‘patient centred care’ and building standards for generic healthcare environments.

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Emotional Practices